Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well Cincy, GABP Sushi didn't prepare you for Seattle, unfortunately, neither did Batting Practice!

                New Reds Photographer: ME! :) (Many More pics in the red link top right of page)

The Story Friday night in Seattle: Mariners Pitcher, Cliff Lee (Cueto could have been the story, pitching his own gem, if the Reds could have plated at least 2 measly Reds, as the Voice of the Mariners Dave Niehaus ended with "And the Mariners Shut Out (1-0) the best hitting team in Baseball!" Yea Yea Dave, rub it in! Didn't you see all the Reds gear in the stands, we, the midwesterners putting up with the dreary weather, spending loads of cash, traveling, hoteling, 1st placing! Hey were just trying to win for the first time in 10 years, can you hook a brother up!

The Story Saturday Night: King Felix Hernandez. Period. Leclure was outmatched, not by the hitters so much as Hernandez' presence. Im not sure the Reds were quite aware of Felix's heart and talent. I know Cincy fans were not, as they complained about being beat by the "Lowly Mariners", again. News flash Reds fans: He has some of the best stuff in Baseball when he's on, so it is no shame in getting complete-gamed back to back by Lee, but especially King Felix(Yes Reds Fans, Ohio's King James is not the only named sports "King")

So going into Sunday, against the less heralded Rowland-Smith (who repeatedly baffled the Reds with his 96 MPH stuff) the Reds were pressing and over swinging. I watched first hand as Cincy tried to imitate the humid, ball carrying bandbox that is Great American Small Park (Built for Griffey and Dunn's lofted shots). So many deep flies were hit, that the Reds thought they were hitting dingers when all the balls did was go up into the record breaking Juneuary murkiness, that is the Northwest, and die in fielders gloves.

So, swept were "My" Reds, on Fathers day, the Fam had a great visit to upstate Seattle, I got to see some transplant Cincy friends, and have a ball with my new #1 loyal Reds fan: My daughter(When your now 12 and you are old enough to see dad live and die with Cincy teams, it starts to rub off: oh the pain my little one will endure!!) As I sheepishly drove south, (car still slightly decked in Reds gear) full of fresh Puget Sound seafood, I could only hope for scheduling like College Football: selective! Reds stay east! Your 13-35 out here over the last 5 years, sais you dont like the laid back West Coast, possible fix: load up on the GABP sushi, I hear its great in the Cincy Humidity! That should prep you for the Seattle pallet next time!

Another major rule of baseball re-discovered this past weekend: Great pitching Beat Great Hitting. Our pitching looked swell, hitting, I'm not worried about. But let that be our lesson, as our middle relief smells like rotting sushi (of course except for our All Star should-be Rhodes and his bad self) and CoCo Cordero scares the S---ushi right outa me! We also could use another solid starter; Volquez, are you listening?

Stubbs/Hiesey/Nix etc.. dont unpack your Cincy apartments quite yet, you may be like Sushi: Nice bait for a high powered trade ;) Some Reds fans say: DONT TRADE STUBBS! Sorry emotionally connected ladies, this is a business to win, and win now we must, 9 years of losing cannot turn into 10! Some think this should be a training program to carry .238 hitters: uh not so much. In order to get something we must give something, see Volquez for Hamilton) Once again: Great pitching Beats Great Hitting. You cant have enough: Great Pitching! Unless these were the 75', 76' Reds, and Tony, Johnny, Joe and Pete, aint walkin' in that door!

Folks its been fun, I've written for 5 straight weeks now, and I appreciate the few Reds fans that have stopped in.  This was to be a conversation, not a one way ramble. So I will read others works, go back to CBSSportsline where there is interaction, and maybe take the blog down to a post a month, just in the rare chance that an alien force listening in, or Marge reincarnated may be looking for a quick Reds Read.

Carry On Reds! Smartly, if possible (Its a Navy thing!)

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