Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to Day 1 Game 1 of the Spring: Reds Vs Tribe Goodyear Az Feb 27

Reds Opening Day GoodYear Az Feb27th John Fay Cinci Enq
The Reds are Healthy and seemingly Hungry, as Reds Star Outfielder Jay Bruce stated recently to Brad Johansen, of WKRC:

Jay Bruce on label "frauds or fluke": "Talk is cheap. Say what you want. We had to prove it last year. We'll have to prove it again" 

And prove it they must: after their NL Central Championship Run last year, andf oh what a year it was, lets not relish in the past. It's time to take a hard look, grip some ash, and try to get find out if we have that missing link from the Reds last year: PITCHING! Well that and proving we can beat contenders!

Our Boys still do not have a solid, team recognized shutdown #1, the opener has been given to Volquez, will he rise to the occasion? (Well as of today he cant even pitch in the Bigs: Visa issues) Physically and mentally he should be fine, but a #1? The same question can be asked of any of our young guns, who will lead this staff: Leak, Wood, Cueto, Bailey? Sorry ladies Arroyos hair and #2, #3 stuff is consistent but not #1 stuff. Yes the Missile is to be reckoned with, but as we see in the Pen, even the Reds do not count him as a team leader or #1. Still will be fun to watch! Cordero: slimmer, trimmer, but consistent? soon to see! As you see our bigegst Question ? Is still here folks! But as evidenced in early performances last year: Leakes amazing start, followed by Woods arrival, and now props shown to 'Quez, we could have a quick answer ;) !

All year folks said the Reds would wake up in the playoffs, and all year these pages of the PRM cautioned them and realistically noted we DIDNT beat contenders( a well publicized sub .500 record Vs winning teams). For those of you who said it didn't matter, I hope Phillys sweep + no-hitting our boys proved our point and rather quickly.

The largest cliche thrown out that proved our point: Good Pitching beats good Hitting! As the sweet swinging Reds bats were cooled, and our pitchers showed up proudly we were still no match against the Phillies. So what must happen: Pitching!

As MVP Joey Votto notes here thats the elixir for the Reds:

The sticks will be here, as Joey sais our boys are older, hitting their prime, lets hope the maturity in our Pitchers, arms, minds, and hearts are ready, for I can confirm Reds fans nations wide are Ready!

But let us dwell on the positives now as in spring: Hope Springs Eternal, and as heard across the Computer "Airwaves" this morning the 27th of February: "The Reds are on the Radio!'

p.s. In game update: Reds first hit of the spring via: The Captain Scotty Rolen! Leadoff single, and from the voice of the Reds one HOF'er Marty Brennamen: "And here comes Jay Bruce"...Gotta Go! Play ball!

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