Sunday, May 30, 2010

Favorite Marty B Quote of the Month

"He (Votto) hit that on the Riverboat...He hit that on the Riverboat! The Riverboat." -Brantley. "I heard you the first time." -Marty Brennaman

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday Morning Black& Red Java: Pete, Revisited: The First time....Bud's gaff and Roids Vs Gambling

Edited 3:21 pm PST 5/30

Hey Commish are you listening, here's comes Cincy! Ahem.... Were back!

Somehow I feel southern Ohio, is not on your radar, you know, us folk nestled in the Ohio River valley, the birthplace of MLB, and the birthplace of that elephant in the room that you have successfully stashed away seemingly for the next Commish: One Mr Peter Edward Rose. When players like Hank Aaaron and Mike Schmidt come out and verbally endorse Pete's reinstatement, isn't that saying something Bud? Yes, he denied for 14 years, yes he introduced a book to come clean. But we are not asking for a managerial position here, just the chance to help undo the "Pete Rose" rule, that the Hall has imposed: not letting anyone on the ballot who is banned. The man hustled like no other, between the white lines, and you refuse to recognize that! I have never heard you once, talk to Pete's playing days, or what he brought to the game. We understand your not a Reds fan, but a large part of the baseball community, an honorable part, is screaming for your consideration, and you seemed to have turned a deaf ear. You will let known Steroid users back into baseball, but not someone who played the game like no other? You really just don't like Pete commish do you? Well thats sad cause your personal feelings have gotten in the way! Check your personal baggage at the door Bud, this is bigger than you and Pete!

Quick Sidebar: Steroids Cheaters or Pete: Gene Wojciechowski, " Mark Mcgwire is back in But Pete Rose is still out? MLB continues its streak of hypocrisy!" I'll leave this one to the best article I read on the subject:

Bud we may not like you for your whacked decision to let the Allstar game end in a tie,but we respect your love of the game. All you did by making that decision was to cause a growing disinterest in the "exhibition gamer" that by putting your "Winner gets Homefield in the WS" tag on it, has given an Exhibition game way to much influence. What guy, that comes from a team that does not regularly compete in the post season, cares about homefield during the series? How can you put such a valuable advantage on a meaningless exhibition game? Even your home run contest is dwindling in interest. You have no more Pete Rose's running through Fosse to WIN, its as bad as the NBA offensive exhibition. Heck,now days a catcher would Ole' a runner if he was charging at him during the all-exhibition game. Bud I'm just saying you have built a negative persona, we try to like you, but its hard.

We respect your position but will never stop asking you to look at Pete situation. Commish, this is not for Pete apologist, this is for all if us out here that believe that this saga must to come to an end. Ask the Honorable Voice and keeper of the Game; Henry Aaron how he feels. Bart Giammati was a fine man, who painstakingly took the steps he had to when banning Pete, but in doing so guaranteeing a relook for Pete, you on the other hand continue to stall. Why? If its a "no" forever under your reign, just tell us. At least we will know where you stand. One things for sure you don't mind things ending in a tie, you've done it before. And this one is ending not won, not lost, but in limbo, kinda like your tie. Not again commish, say it aint so? Ah yes Shoeless Joe, RIP, another guy, who in death is still waiting, will Pete be years into death before you look into this? Be decisive Bud, No Ties!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tweet O the Week

randon "Bip Bop Lollipop" Phillips, Bye Bye baseball! Goes Yard! Reds HR 17 consecutive games: Longest in the Bigs! Sweeet! #MLB

Dustys BooBoo Tweet OTW

When your pitcher has MLB experience of 9 games and u have hitters on the Bench:Bruce/Cabrera Avail u PH Leake! #reds

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Magical Season Progressively Brewing

Updated: 5/27/10

As Mike Leake walked on the Field Tuesday night, many things were becoming clear about this red hot Reds rookie and his 4-0 record, (could easily be 6-0) but one thing was clearer than others: Dude needs to get pants that fit! Remember when you got that first uni and it didn't fit, but you didn't care, thats what "Bagger Vance" Leake looked like walkin' in from the bullpen tonight. (MLB showed him over-tightening his large red belt, resembling a skinny 'Claus with drawers 5 sizes to big in the waist) But you know what, its all good because he's the lucky charm in the magic brew this year! I'm sure its just me and he's quite comfy in his bagginess, but who cares if his "pants on the ground, pants on the gound" its workin! At this rate he may be the front runner (Thats right: phenom Heyward) for the ROY, and maybe even solidifying his spot on the Allstar squad. Even in the loss to the Bucs all ended Rosey Tue night for Cincy as the Birdies lost to the Fathers keeping the Reds tied for first. (Some Buc fan-dude tweeted at the end: "Raise the Jolly Roger!" Raise it, cause were gonna' Redbull that baby manana! BTW.. ahem we did!)

One true testament, as to how a young rookie is being accepted, is by what your teamates say about you: Arroyo on Leake: "I actually enjoy watching him pitch more than anybody I've ever played with. It's fun to say" (Sheldon WOW!

But Leake is just the laid back, even keeled, North San Diego Boy in the mix. With Captain Rolen and his leadership, "Perennial Allstar" to be (why not?) Votto mashing, Bruce starting to feel his oats, and Oh how sweet does Mr Gold Glove Brandon look up top! Hey even Dustys getting on board: finally using Phillips speed at the top, and the big bats in the middle. See, when you put someone in a spot where you expect them to perform it gives them ownership of that responsibility, and heck its workin!

Young Heisey, Janish & Nix, travelers Gomes & Cabrera, doing there part, the sticks are workin' and the D? sweeet! Leading the NL! (or really close!)

Pitching: Harang, well see(would you swap him w/Oswalt if you could?) Arroyo/Cueto/ are fine, Bailey? hmmm wally pipped by Chapman/Lecure? Rhodes and Solid CoCo(hope he's listening: karma!)

Here's where I'm gonna end this with The big intangible: Attitude, the reds come to the Park thinking they can win everyday. I'm sure this is just me, but the last time I heard talk like this from a cast of journeyman, some sprinkled in Vets, a vet manager and the town buzzing was, nope I cant say it, well Ok: 1990! Hey a fan can dream cant we?

Brew on Machine!

P.S Oh Yea I would be remise if i didn't rep the biggest campaign in the 'Nati: Vote Votto!

Photo: Al Berhman AP