In Cincinnati, baseball has always been less a sport than a kind of psychosis. It is to the natives what bullfighting is to the citizens of Madrid, and is approached with the same passionate enthusiasm and subjected to the same universally expert consideration. There is, I feel sure, a larger percentage of true baseball aficionados in Cincinnati than in any other city in the country.

-- Shine Ball

James A. Maxwell

Saturday, September 19, 2020

#Reds #SneakOnIn the playoffs, No Thank You ! Earn that S...

 #SneakOnIn the playoffs ? Not when you have arguably the Top Three Arms In the #MLB on your rotation. I have much respect for @dotsonc but that attitude #SneakOnIn is sooooo Apologetically Joey-Votto of you Chad. When you have this pitching, (top 5 lowest ERA) and the hitting you’re ‘supposed‘ to have you don’t apologize and sneak in the playoffs: you earn and expect it! 

     So many fans are acting so excited and surprised at the Reds being in playoff contention,  not this fan.  I expected it and I Demand it when you’ve supported this team through thick and way too much thin. That should be the vibe from the team and the fans. No Grit, with a shrug of the shoulders and no winning attitude from the top down has been a cancerous part of the mindset of this organization and these Fans for almost 10 years. Go ahead and look up the attitude that Kurt Gibson brought to the LA Dodgers when they were a happy-happy go lucky team, and see how his demanding excellence and professionalism changed that team, we haven’t had it since Scotty Rolen, ironically Votto’s mentor. Too bad the nicest guy in baseballs Jock will never fill one like Scott Roland’s. As a Navy Chief if I would’ve told my sailors “hey let’s sneak in Because we’re not supposed to good enough to do this mission ’ Vice “let’s do this mission because we are winners, we are a damn good team,  and I expect us to win” which one do you think motivates men more: don’t apologize for winning, expected it ! 

So am I happy the Reds are in Playoff contention, of course. BTW: all of you rose colored glasses wearing fans that predicted us at .500 the last few years,  I was in total disagreement with you knowing the Reds would lose 90 to 100 games. This year I went in with .500 expectations and I’ll be darn,  what’s our record today?  So let’s stop all this sneaking In BS like we’re borrowing something that didn’t belong to us: let’s demand it and #LetsTakeThisS.....errrr: ๐Ÿ’ฉ :) Go #Reds 

Friday, September 18, 2020

September 17, 1983: Johnny Bench slugs his 389th and final career home run on Johnny Bench Night at Riverfront Stadium. Because of course he did. #RedsVault

 Listen to the Ol Lefthander, Mr Joe Nuxhalls call right here, and watch the ๐Ÿ #5 HOF'er

Thursday, September 17, 2020

 And Just like that: Boom! Your nATi Redleggs are in the Playoffs, well If they started today.

It seems like a-lot of fans are overly excited, i for one remain indifferent.  Ok, have all the fair weather fans departed, good. This was the 1st season since 2013, our inept playoff series loss to the Bucks, that I predicted at least a .500 record. So, they are almost at my expectations. And its all because of three Guys:

- Gray, Bauer, Castillo. Period, Exclamation point.

Our hitting: OMG, I see the 'nicest guy' in baseball starting to come through, as i always say: Mother Theresa was a nice guy also, but that does not equal baseball Grit, which is what we will need to survive in the playoffs, well,  and more of this: 

So what do all these teams have in common? Thats right playoff positions: 



When, or If we make the playoffs, play goes under the microscope so that and TIMELY hitting win close ballgames. The guy with the most GRIT? Mr #WhoDey shoe wearing Bauer! Too bad he not swinging a Louisville slugger. Lord knows out team BA ain't where it needs to be, you will have your shot Mr Nice Guy, we will  see ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I took this pic at The Cuban Missiles final Louisville Bats (Reds AAA) outing at an Indianapolis Indians Game. Put my Nikon Coolpics lens through the backstop Screen on his last warmup pitch. Over the Next few days Aroldis Chapman would be called up and I was at GABP (Great American Small Park) a few nights later, when he made his 1st trot in from the bully and hit 105mph on the gun. 
Needless to see Cincy couldn't keep a superstar then and I presume as now: Sonny Gray?. No, please don't mention Votto, the nicest guy in baseball with his league "superstar low' .224 BA. Mother Theresa was a nice guy also, but I wouldn't trust her to have the grit to lead a MLB team ๐Ÿ˜, more on that maรฑana ;) 
Hey Reds theres these things called Runs and not what you get after eating Skalinees. We could use more than last nights "0". 

Ok Reds fans its been a little bit, But guess what: I'm Back ! Why you ask? Hmmm lets Ponder that my Redleg Brethren: 

- 17 out of 20 of the last years have been losing ones, I became salty and utterly, we'll just plane tired of it.

- Go ahead call me fare-weather and then please realize I left as a United States Sailor from the nATi in 1984 spent 23 years as a proud F14 Electrician and then Navy Counselor, and have always worn my: Reds/Bengals?Bearcats(my Bearats) and thank God my later in life adopted BUCKEYES gear! Heck one could only take so much losing and non-championships from my Cincy squads. And I am by one credit (CCM Jazz band partnered with The OSU Jazz Band one summer) an Ohio State Alum also. So after 35 years on the West Coast all of my Cincinnati teams are still mine! I have a right to be disgruntled when i chose to, as  we all do. That being said, I've learned to "curb my enthusiasm" and lower my expectations, so i can survive the ongoing demise of our Redlegs.

- Going into 2020, 60 game sprint, I like others were sold on "Contention" with a rotation of: Gray / Bauer / Castillo. Gray has been amazing, Bauer with his recent meltdown has lacked late inning pitching support and like all: a weak Team BA. Castillo? You tell me, the dreads <SP? getting in the way of his once vaunted some of the "best stuff in the MBL" 

- Basically theres much to blabber about, and i truly appreciate your being here, Please comment. But thats not why im restarting the blog: I have time!

- Covid? YES ! Like millions I am: Work at Home, so in between work tasks,  I'm all over this. I will be putting weekly and daily content into each blog.

So lets see where this goes, hopefully we get back into this thing, if not. You wont have to suffer through the blabbering to much longer!

Go Reds!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Pete Under Investigation again by MLB !!!

The cause of the laughter is Under investigation by MLB...knowing us silly Cincy boys,I think this effort by MLB to find a chink in Petes Armor may easily be explained by checking his choice of Skyline Chili last night. Probably a 5 way by as evidenced by the blurry eyes and Unbridled Laughter. Just sayin' ! :)

Its Time #FreePete

First to my loyal Followers, all 5 of you, and no my moms not one  :)) Sorry about my 3 year Sabatical, FCC warning: I'm Back lol :) Missed you all :))) ok enough ! Let's talk Pete ;)

MLB now has ownership in Fan Duel, a legal Fantasy/Gambling site : For the Fantasy Sports peeps that also Gamble, proudly, I do neither. They (MLB) not only promote and advertise Fan Duel all over the stadiums they are also making money off your desires to gamble with your lineups you pick. Fan Duels claim: "Immediate Cash Payouts ($2B this year)" . From NBC Sports: "Depending on how (you define) gambling the NBA (& MLB) runs a sports book". *
- MLB is promoting gambling on its Product
- MLB is making $$$ off of your desire to lose your $
- MLB has embraced this form of gambling directly from its product.
- Just recently an employee of Fan Duel has been indicted for insider winning, even hooking up family members. So your money is being swindled lol

Tell me how long it will be until (probably happening already):
- Vegas sneaks a piece
- A players wife wants some "action" and ask hubby pro ball player for advice etc etc: see the slippery slope ?

This blog is not about MLB or the  NBA becoming sports books, it's about MLB' hypocrisy:

MLB is keeping the all time Hit King on the permanently  ineligible list for gambling on baseball , which they are now vigorously promoting. Hold your horses Cincy haters, I'm not talking about Pete
being right for gambling on the Reds to win. Ok? He was and is wrong and has paid the price for 25

Go ahead and promote gambling MLB, just be aware some of us who do not partake are SMH at your slippery hypocrisy ;)))


Mom (Carol) rest up we may have a trip to Cooperstown summer 2016 ;)


Petes real side ;) fueled by Skyline Chili ? SBD ? Just sayin lol

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nice to CYA 2012 'Nati Reds ;) Tweets & Thoughts from Spring opener


At 12:02 pm PST 3/3/12 (Goodyear opener)
@CincyGy: Heard for the 1st time in 2012: "The #Reds Are On The Radio" and hopefully into November 2012!

Opening Day is underway!!! 

@CincyGy: sweet new graphics on @AtBat2012 as I tune in the the Dulcid Redneck tones of The Cowboy on @WLW #Reds on Radio

@CincyGy: As Marty B said 500 SO's between Heisey/Stubbs/Bruce "ain't gonna cut it" especially in GA Small Park, be disciplined or get benched! #Reds

@CincyGy: “@kelimepie: I know it's early, but seeing Stubbs doing this gives me hope. #Reds” I hear that! He's got to find some plate "smarts" ths yr!

@CincyGy: "The #Reds are (#Winning) on (My IPhone) the Radio!"

@CincyGy: "6430 show up for tonights........? " #Reds Marty B

@CincyGy: “@cincywxpro: @CincyGy Welcome back Marty Brennaman lol” and u know this! Thoughts and prayers to all those back home #Tornadoes

@CincyGy: "6430 show up for tonights Titanic Struggle"  Welcome back Marty B and the 2012 Playoff Bound? ;) !

@CincyGy: The Cowboy (aka Capt Obvious) on Soto: "I'm Gowin B Watchin Dat Guy" me 2 Mr Brantley me 2  ;)

@CincyGy: "That Ball was Ca-Rushed" haha Cowboy  Frazier yard shot! Tied!

Quote of the game: “Soto hit 30 home runs last year and missed a month. That’s why we could afford to trade (Yonder) Alonso. I’ve seen Soto in the weight room. He’s very strong. He works hard. He plays a very good first base.” –Reds manager Dusty Baker (@CincyGy: Dusty makin excuses (aka Soto's 30 HR's etc) why we traded 72 players for a "Good Arm" pitcher yap yap Dusty Latos best b somethin ;) )

Game 1 in the books, What we learned:

- The Boys will hit., Capt Rolen, Votto, Bruce are focused, BP: Glove will continue to rule....(Nice shot by Frazier)
- Heisey's gun is loaded
- The Cowboy is in true Right-Down-Broadway mid season good ol boy flavor..
- Marty B laughing, the sound of summer to come!

CU in 20 Days Goodyear!