Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 2010 Cincinnati Reds First Half MVP

Many have said this is a toss up, not in my book: If we were to go on stats alone it would be the Young Man Mr Joey Votto, but his day will come. Without this Guy, Phillips/Gomes/Votto all the young guys wouldn't have the mentor, the leader and a man backing it up with the stats/hustle and mainly: the Leadership. The Reds are 70 and 40 something with him in the lineup since his arrival last year. He shows up injured, and hustles(as evidenced by last nights 1st to 3rd charlie Hustle imitated head first slide, which awoke the NL to victory). Votto has had Big hits, but so has this man, but he brings what no other Red does: soemone to look up to, model your approach, and model your work ethic to: All Championship team's have one: See the 1980 Dodgers with Kirk Gibson, see the 1990 Reds and 1990 era Yankees with Paul Oneil. If the Reds are to win anything this year it may very well be on the Bat of Joey Votto. But it will be on the Back of one: 

Mr Scott Bruce Rolen

Michael Buckner/Ghetty Images

We thank you Captain Rolen, for what you have brought to our  Cincinnati Reds!

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