Sunday, July 25, 2010

Banana Phone was "Off the Hook" on 7/20/10

On July 20th one of the more entertaining Reds Banana Phone episodes took place, Mark Grace called in and pranked Marty, some guy called in and called Arroyo: Oreo, Masset: Mallet: etc...Another called in sounding like an older woman, while Marty deadpanned the whole time, playing right along with him. It brought out some true winners, and these were some of the musings on twitter while we listened to WLW and the phone-in's during that almost three hour, rain delay:

@chelsiemoody the first call! Lol corky miller mustache holding him Up? WT? Lol on the couch? WT?

@redlegnation RT @dotsonc: Hilarious...from when Adam Dunn pranked the #Reds announcers during a rain delay: "Marty do you have your shirt on?" LOL

@redlegnation " Why don't you go have a drink of whatever it is your drinkin, your a little bit short tonight my man!" Marty Brennamen lol

An older gentleman called and was perturbed that when listening to the game on the radio and watching on TV asked Marty why he cant call the balls and strikes on time! ;)
@CincyGy Poooor old guy on the Banana phone "Can't u guys call the balls and strike as they happen?" not understanding the Satelite delay! #Reds

John Fay (Reds Enq Beat reporter was handling the Twitter style Banana Questions) :@johnfayman RT @renewkir: @johnfayman does the banana phone actually look like a banana?//Used to, doesn't anymore 
(I think I remember that under Marty and Joe :)

@johnfayman RT @John03163: @johnfayman What's so bad with Cordero? He was leading NL in saves at the break//And blown saves.

@johnfayman  What should I have for lunch tomorrow?//Turkey Tom from Jimmy John's, no sprouts.

@slagzoo These #Reds fans calling to talk to Marty are dumb as hell. They're making the rest of us look like idiots.

JimmyTwoTimes37 over at
Encapsulated the whole thing quite well: Reds Banana Phone on 700 WLW 7/20/10

If you haven't heard these calls during Reds rain delays, you are missing out big time. Highlights from yesterday included:

1) Some guy...(called in and misprounced)... names such as "Cookie Miller", "Cueeero", "Bronson Oreo" and "Raymond Hernandez"

2) Mark Grace pretending to be some random guy telling Marty the Reds should trade "Danny Ray Herrera for Danny Haren"

3) Some guy saying Mike Leake should bat Leadoff

4) A guy calling with his radio cranked up creating massive feedback. When he turned it down he sounded like he was in a vacuum. He was upset with Marty for not answering his email. "You never answer my questions"

"That's because they aren't worth reading"

5) Marty saying he's going to cut some guy's water off

It's supposed to rain tonight so I'll be listening and hoping for a rain delay
Stay Thirsty My Friends" Thanks  Jimmy 2 Times

I have an old Wayte Hoyt in the Rain LP, I look forward to the day WLW publishes best of Banana phone, this one was a classic!


  1. Not your usual "observation" style but my favorite blog yet!!

    1. Your biased, and we heart u for it Lolol was up JLGlitz !!! 💍

  2. i just wanted the banana phone number for reds game but i cannot find it listed and tom says it so fast you cannot pick it up and if cannot find it listed here. why is that so difficult???

  3. Anon, so sorry it's taken me 3 yrs to reply, won't happen again (Career change etc) You prob already know this but the banana phone was cancelled ! For now ? Hopefully a shorter Sabatical than my three year absence !

    "The level of calls was deteriorating," Reinberger told me. "People were asking a lot of questions that were not baseball-related."