Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010 the Year That Baseball Came Home to The Cincy Reds and Reds Fans

The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger

Players have come and gone, but us fans have been here all along, from the early exit in the '95 postseason, to the quick one game tease in a fun 99 season, through the promises during the Casey, Dunn and Griffey Jr era, we have been waiting. We watched an arguable future HOF'er win a series, proudly rep the Captains "C", and finish a proud career: thank you Mr Barry Larkin. Jr's arrival and unfortunate ringless departure yielded no trophy or a taste of the postseason. 
Well along comes new ownership, a farm system that is once again producing, a nice mix of a few allstar vets and Wala! Hello 2010 and:

The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger

(now that was fun to type!)

As we go into the playoffs only the teams play will tell how far we get, but for now we will enjoy the spoils. My last congrats goes to us fans for hangin in there, no matter how tough it was, clicking on that losing box score years after year searching for a silver lining in a 3 hit loss etc etc... Well no more of that now! Enjoy tonights winning box score: the one that launched yours and my Reds into the 2010 post season! Go Reds!

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