Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dont hate us Realist we are fans also! Go #Reds!

(Dusty when asked who would be the three Starters in the Playoffs and if Chapman could be trusted as a Postseason closer. Photo; Reds.com)

Yes this past weekends performance was nice by Cueto/Volquez/Bailey: great outings, but who was it against: The worst hitting team in the NL! The Bucs = .239 Team batting AVG.! The Reds Team ERA is 4.08, thats 11th out of 15 NL Teams, 18th out of 30 MLB teams and the WORST of any of the Playoff contenders! Cordero's ERA is a whopping 4.04, gargantuomly worse than any closer in the NL. In the top 10 of saves leaders only one closer: Nunez at 3.81 even comes close: These number dont lie folks! If we had performed this way (Bucs weekend)  against the divisions best we wouldnt have such terrible numbers! 

 I'd like all this to go away and have the same flowerey perspective of many rose colored-glass-wearing-ever-optimistic fans on here that have be-rated me for being a true REALIST Which some claim to be!  Some claim to be positive/realist, but when I question the obvious, or put these stats up, you act like Im piling on! I want all this to go away, to go back the way it was when Leake/Wood etc..all were lights out! This has been an inconstistent staff, THAT I WILL LIVE AND DIE WITH IN THE POST SEASON! I will cheer every putrid ERA that we run out there to pitch a no-hitter. I will die with every blown lead Cordero (and his non champion like 4+ ERA) gives up! I will cheer for this team and wear my Reds garb to the gym long after many of you put away your Reds stockings for your football teams nighties! But I'm not afraid to NOT crown this team until we do it! If we Re-Catch some lights out pitching in the Post Season and we treat the Phillies/Braves/Giants/Padres, heck maybe even the Rockies hitters like we did the Pirates, I will be ecstatic! I'm not saying we CANT beat teams like the CARDS I'm just saying we haven't and I HOPE our top-team-beating-switch that has not been activated yet is Turned ON: loud and clear in the post season! 

Yes: our First place record doesn't lie! Yes: Teams have won without lights out pitching in the Post Season(not to many 1975 Reds lineups out there), Yes: do I believe we can beat the Best: If:

1: Our Clutch Hitting is there
2. Our Defense is Stellar
3. Our Pitching gets back to Consistent Quality Outings, like No Hitters in the playoffs! (There going to have to, I have had a premonition of Cordero being released soon after the end of the season, after he blows playoff leads!)
4. Just kidding (Not Really) But we will see what CoCo is really made of (The most blown saves of any closer since 2000 does not bode well) but maybe he's got a little Hot tub time machine for one bright shinning moment: we shall see!

There's something to be said for building on winning starting pitching vibe even if it was the lowly Pirates, good thing our Bullpen lead by "lights out" Cordero didnt blow any of those games....oh wait...;) Love ya Reds fans, dont hate the realist!

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