Friday, October 8, 2010

Game 2 is here! Are the Reds sticks?

David Kohl/AP "Hey Gomesy, if you hit it it will fly!"

First congrats to Halladay, for the game this Reds fan will spend the rest of his life brain dumping. Next I call out to my Reds: Umm hello sorry to wake you, but...ahem(clearing my throat)  THE PLAYOFFS ARE HERE!

Have your bats arrived yet? You know the ones that smoked the league(well except for contending teams, read my blog it was addressed there) I wrote a few times within the last month how great pitching always beats great hitting, so I'm not gonna dwell on that, what I will say is there's a lot to prove over the weekend for my Reds:

#1 That we belong
#2 That we are the vaunted hitting machine that won the leagues Team Triple crown: BA/HR/RBI
#3 That we can hit anyone

But since all blame goes to the leader: I will put the burden of proof on Dusty for now, for he has much to prove, never winning it it all with good clubs in SF or Chi :

It is easy for us all to play armchair quarterback and second guess the young, loosygoosy Volquez going in game one. Something tells me a more focused intensity is needed, one that a Mr Wood exhumed as he shut out the Phils after his entry. Even with a great game, Wood would have been hard to match Doc over THAT 9 innings, but hmmm....didnt he do just that in Philly in July? Lets see what happens in Game 4, is there is one!

Dusty has a young squad one without a true #1. and As Hallady/Limsecom/Lee and Sabathia have all won their starts(3 of the 4 at home another reason to beat contenders, next year Reds for homefield!) this proves the need for a dominant starter in game 1. Mr Cuban Missile are you game for next year?

We can hit anyone: right MR MVP Votto? Right Captain Rolen(my man hit the Viagra/Cialis/Geritol anything to recapture that power swing! Jay are you ready to show us September wasn't a farce: Lets finally beat a great club! Prove to us you can, we Cincinnatian's are waiting to go crazy for you!

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  1. July 24, #Reds Rocked Oswalt: (6-12) one of his worst outings of the season. allowed nine hits and six runs in five innings:One more time!”