Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Nati Reds in Flux?

As the world series closes, (if red a... errr butt LaRussa can get his bullpen phone to work, right Tony) its time to ponder 2011/2012 Red Machine.

Whats left? Votto being traded? Child Please, SMH, Chappy headed for the Rotation; CHILD, PLEASE!

I'm not sure what else we have to look forward to folks, many Cincinnatians are indifferent and almost accepting of our current team, I will never accept anything short of a championship from my teams, and in that effort we lack the talent to rise to those lofty heights. I knew last year going into the playoffs we didn't have a chance, (ask any who knows me here how I was berated for doubting we ever had the pitching) NO ACE gets you NO WHERE, As we were swept by superior pitching in the Phils. Our only hope this year was one of youngsters stepping up: Volquez/Cueto have the talent but not the maturity, Homer? pffft, never....Wood/Leake, would love to say they could have IT, but they seem more fragile than Capt Scotty Rolens back (hate to say it but the Gold Glover may be finito)

As far as the hitting/defense, since we wont be getting the vaunted "Home Boy" discount from At That Dude BP (aka @DatDudeBP) in the future we will be swinging with Votto(2 more yrs?)/Bruce and the young pups. Young and wild, the free swingers will have to reign in that power and find some smarts if they want to stick, that's you Mr's Alonso/Cozart/Fransisco and of course Mr Strikeout King and once budding lead-off man: Stubbs. There's just way to much immaturity on this squad, so we wait for them to grow up? That was our plan last off-season as we stood by and watched the Brewers Bolster their pitching and where did it get them folks? ;)

I know many of you who will read this (like all 3) wont like my realistic take, but in the infamous words of.......somebody: It is what it is, and we aint what we aint: Contenders.... unless our management steps up, opens the wallet and competes to get that ace (unless The Cuban Missile launches) we will not prosper my friends, all that being said...If Cubs fans can hold on for 100 yrs w/out whats another 2-20 for Cincy?

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