Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nice to CYA 2012 'Nati Reds ;) Tweets & Thoughts from Spring opener


At 12:02 pm PST 3/3/12 (Goodyear opener)
@CincyGy: Heard for the 1st time in 2012: "The #Reds Are On The Radio" and hopefully into November 2012!

Opening Day is underway!!! 

@CincyGy: sweet new graphics on @AtBat2012 as I tune in the the Dulcid Redneck tones of The Cowboy on @WLW #Reds on Radio

@CincyGy: As Marty B said 500 SO's between Heisey/Stubbs/Bruce "ain't gonna cut it" especially in GA Small Park, be disciplined or get benched! #Reds

@CincyGy: “@kelimepie: I know it's early, but seeing Stubbs doing this gives me hope. #Reds” I hear that! He's got to find some plate "smarts" ths yr!

@CincyGy: "The #Reds are (#Winning) on (My IPhone) the Radio!"

@CincyGy: "6430 show up for tonights........? " #Reds Marty B

@CincyGy: “@cincywxpro: @CincyGy Welcome back Marty Brennaman lol” and u know this! Thoughts and prayers to all those back home #Tornadoes

@CincyGy: "6430 show up for tonights Titanic Struggle"  Welcome back Marty B and the 2012 Playoff Bound? ;) !

@CincyGy: The Cowboy (aka Capt Obvious) on Soto: "I'm Gowin B Watchin Dat Guy" me 2 Mr Brantley me 2  ;)

@CincyGy: "That Ball was Ca-Rushed" haha Cowboy  Frazier yard shot! Tied!

Quote of the game: “Soto hit 30 home runs last year and missed a month. That’s why we could afford to trade (Yonder) Alonso. I’ve seen Soto in the weight room. He’s very strong. He works hard. He plays a very good first base.” –Reds manager Dusty Baker (@CincyGy: Dusty makin excuses (aka Soto's 30 HR's etc) why we traded 72 players for a "Good Arm" pitcher yap yap Dusty Latos best b somethin ;) )

Game 1 in the books, What we learned:

- The Boys will hit., Capt Rolen, Votto, Bruce are focused, BP: Glove will continue to rule....(Nice shot by Frazier)
- Heisey's gun is loaded
- The Cowboy is in true Right-Down-Broadway mid season good ol boy flavor..
- Marty B laughing, the sound of summer to come!

CU in 20 Days Goodyear!