Monday, October 12, 2015

Its Time #FreePete

First to my loyal Followers, all 5 of you, and no my moms not one  :)) Sorry about my 3 year Sabatical, FCC warning: I'm Back lol :) Missed you all :))) ok enough ! Let's talk Pete ;)

MLB now has ownership in Fan Duel, a legal Fantasy/Gambling site : For the Fantasy Sports peeps that also Gamble, proudly, I do neither. They (MLB) not only promote and advertise Fan Duel all over the stadiums they are also making money off your desires to gamble with your lineups you pick. Fan Duels claim: "Immediate Cash Payouts ($2B this year)" . From NBC Sports: "Depending on how (you define) gambling the NBA (& MLB) runs a sports book". *
- MLB is promoting gambling on its Product
- MLB is making $$$ off of your desire to lose your $
- MLB has embraced this form of gambling directly from its product.
- Just recently an employee of Fan Duel has been indicted for insider winning, even hooking up family members. So your money is being swindled lol

Tell me how long it will be until (probably happening already):
- Vegas sneaks a piece
- A players wife wants some "action" and ask hubby pro ball player for advice etc etc: see the slippery slope ?

This blog is not about MLB or the  NBA becoming sports books, it's about MLB' hypocrisy:

MLB is keeping the all time Hit King on the permanently  ineligible list for gambling on baseball , which they are now vigorously promoting. Hold your horses Cincy haters, I'm not talking about Pete
being right for gambling on the Reds to win. Ok? He was and is wrong and has paid the price for 25

Go ahead and promote gambling MLB, just be aware some of us who do not partake are SMH at your slippery hypocrisy ;)))


Mom (Carol) rest up we may have a trip to Cooperstown summer 2016 ;)


Petes real side ;) fueled by Skyline Chili ? SBD ? Just sayin lol

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